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Dream Come True
Sentimental Fool
Livin' The Blues
Mellow Blue
Had To Do That
Eye Of A Hurricane
Rest Easy
On Your Side
Said Goodbye
People had been telling me for years that I should record my original songs. It seemed to be an unattainable feat, but that all changed one night at a gig. Two of my friends, Jane Secord and Annie Oakley (no kiddin') arrived there and immediately bought me a double and asked me to play some of my originals, which I did. On my break, Jane said it to me, "Pam, you should be recording!!" and promptly wrote me a check for $500.00.

I got in touch with Jack Harris, longtime friend and drummer extraordinaire. He agreed to work out the arrangements and pre-production with me, which we did in my livingroom - just piano and drums. We made a scratchy tape of five tunes and gave it and the charts to bassist Bruce Jacobs, and scheduled a session at 'DC Productions' with Don Chapman.

We had never played the tunes with Bruce, and the setup in Donnie's old studio didn't allow the drums to be recorded in the same room, so Jack and I had no visual contact, which we usually work off pretty well. However, Bruce nailed the tracks and at the end of the day we had five bed tracks in the can with piano, bass, drums and lead vocals.

That just about took care of the $500.00, so the project was dormant until one night at 'The Purcell's Cove Social Club.' Jack's sister, Debbie Manning had just recieved her masters degree in social work, and the family was out in full force to celebrate. Jack and I got up and played a few tunes with the band 'Amos', and when we were done, Jack's nephew, Michael Matthews approached us, claiming that we should be doing something with our music.

That was when Jack piped up and said, "As a matter of fact, Pam and I are recording some of her tunes." Without hesitation, he said, "Oh, I'll give some money for that!!" Well, he funded the rest of the project, including a new hairdo for me for the CD cover!!

We went back in the studio and finished the CD with the help of some of my best musician friends in the world. Each session was just like Christmas to me, a new present every day, as the tracks grew with the addition of guitar, Hammond organ, backup vocals and a horn session in Florids.

I began to feel better than I had ever felt in my life. I was very proud of the recording, but what made it special to me was "all the people who gave their talent and support to the project"!

I am very pleased
how the CD turned out
I hope you like it too!

I will ship one right to your door
for a flat $20.00 (all inclusive)
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Thank you so much!

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"Good! I like her singing! I saw her at the 'Mic Mac Hotel' a few years ago. How the hell can anyone sing on-key behind-the-speakers, beside-the-drums and screaming-guitar, with no monitors?!!"
-Paul MacDonald (musician)