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She met musician Brian "Too Loud" MacLeod in the mid 70's and the two recorded a demo of original songs in St. John's, Newfoundland, and took it to Toronto. They formed a band called Surrender, and hit the Ontario circuit. MacLeod went on to Chilliwack, and Pam freelanced with artists such as Sylvia Tyson and Crowbar. Pam was also in demand as a session vocalist, appearing on recordings with Michel Pagliaro, Rick James, April Wine, and on a theme song for television's Live It Up, written and produced by Daniel Lanois.


Pam Marsh's musical career reads like a who's-who in the Canadian Music Industry. She and veteran Myles Goodwyn toughed it out on the roads of Nova Scotia in their band, The East Gate Sanctuary, until the food ran out at the rural farmhouse the band lived in. Myles went to Montreal to form April Wine and Pam went to Toronto, joining Everyday People.


Returning to Halifax in the early 80,s, Pam enjoyed a break from touring, appearing as a single performer in local venues, and providing session vocals for local artists Matt Minglewood, Wayne Nicholson, Doris Mason, Rita MacNeil, and many others. She also found time to get married and give birth to her daughter, Tracy Spencer. The release of her CD 'Dream Come True' in the fall of 2001, was a triumph for Pam in many ways. It enabled her to assemble her original songs as a calling card for the purpose of marketing them to other artists, and to include the talent of many of her musician friends on the recording itself.


Everyday People
Kelly Jay & Crowbar
Sylvia Tyson & Foxfire
$urrender with Brian "Too Loud" MacLeod
Theresa Malenfant & the Black & Blues Band

"Everyday People" (GRT – Terry Brown/Doug Riley)
"Dream Come True" (Independent – P. Marsh)

April Wine
Michel Pagliaro
Johnny Nash
Rick James
Rita MacNeil
Matt Minglewood
Dutch Mason's 60th
  …many more

Rolling on the River (Toronto)
Like Young (Montreal)
Bob MacLean Show (Toronto)
Ronnie Prophet Show (Toronto)
Live It Up (theme song) (Toronto)

The Entertainers (CBC Toronto)
Ocean Limited (CBC Halifax)
Music Maritimes (CBC Halifax)

Band: - Marsh 'N Men
Solo: - Piano/Vocals

^ TOP ^ "The music business is not an easy business, but I love it. It's the most fun I ever have. When I'm behind the keyboard singing, it's the only time in my whole life that I truly find a sense of freedom and joy, and it always gives back to me what I put in."