Name.. :   JUDY
Locality.. :   DARTMOUTH
Name.. :   Christine
Locality.. :   Tulip Manor
Comment.. :   Hey there roomie. This website is incredible. Ron did a heck of a job. Love the cd, keep on rocking on Pammie.
Name.. :   bluelady
Locality.. :   east coast
Comment.. :   hi pam, loved your performance at the halifax blues fest on sunday, august 24, 2003! bought the cd then and there, been playin it ever since. when and where are playing next? keep in touch.
Name.. :   Bob Quinn
Locality.. :   St. Margarets Bay
Comment.. :   HowdE Girl. Look at you!. Love the character and look of the site. As someone who shares the same birthday as you, I understand the challenge of living with extreme talent, good looks and such a creative mind- How cursed we cancarians are. Good luck with
Name.. :   Laura macinnis
Locality.. :   Dartmouth
Comment.. :   Hey pam!good job! great cd!
First Name.. :   Ryan
Where From.. :   Halifax
Comment.. :   This is one well made website. I didnt realize that you had been singing for so long. Ive really enjoyed the cd.
First Name.. :   Lalanya Blue
Where From.. :   Vancouver
Comment.. :   You know I love your voice. Your CD takes me right to the piano bar and puts a glass of red in my hand. Mellow Blue is smooth and lovely. The East Coast is lucky to have you. Lots of love and admiration.
First Name.. :   peter ettinger
Where From.. :   vancouver
Comment.. :   Was surfing the net and found your site.Congatulations on the CD. Im heading back to Nova Scotia in Nov. hope to catch you then.
First Name.. :   Rodney
Where From.. :   Kingsport Third Planet
Comment.. :   Great CD, Great live, Great friend. And such nice big.....EYES !!! SeeYa
First Name.. :   dylan
Where From.. :   dartmouth
Comment.. :   great web site thanks for evereyting - you are a sweetheart Love Dylan
First Name.. :   moma Tru
Where From.. :   cb
Comment.. :   Its been a long time coming girl! I know youve go a lot more in that brain of yours, so lets get em out, unscrabble em and play em on the board!
First Name.. :   Sharron Timmins
Where From.. :   whereever....
Comment.. :   Fabulous darlin! Keep on truckin -- no matter what!
First Name.. :   JP ARSENEAULT
Where From.. :   DARTMOUTH, NS
Comment.. :   GREAT WEB SITE!!!! LOVE YA PAM.
First Name.. :   Grant
Where From.. :   Minglewood
Comment.. :   Hey Pam, Gave your CD a spin tonight and I think its great. It was good seeing you the other night at the Red Fox, youve been a good friend for a long time now. I remember when we first met in NFLD in 1975. Actually, I lied, I really CANT remember it al
First Name.. :   Bruce Wheaton
Where From.. :
Comment.. :   Hi Pam, Great site,you know I think youre the greatest. Ive already got your CD. Keep On Keepin On. Your friend forever, Bruce
First Name.. :   Sam
Where From.. :   Moon
Comment.. :   Love Ya Happy St Paddys Day
First Name.. :   Phyllis
Where From.. :   Gjoa Haven NU
Comment.. :   Pammy Girl - All the best and see you in May. Keep pounding them ivories.
First Name.. :   Darrell
Where From.. :   Simms
Comment.. :   Looks great Pam! The old pics are fun too. Congrats!
First Name.. :   Linda
Where From.. :   Toronto
Comment.. :   Finally I can congradulate you in writing. The best Pam RF Marsh. Call ya on the weekend. Read all the others. Great to see those names.
First Name.. :   Sister Jane (aint no angel!)
Where From.. :   Fowl River
Comment.. :   What more can a sister say - Hey, thats Pam Marshs CD; and shes my seester! Pretty special laday, if I do say so myself!!! Love ya Pamie - Janie xoxoxo
First Name.. :   shylow
Where From.. :   dartmouth
Comment.. :   i really like pams cd i bet she put a lot of hard work into it i coulden't do it if i tried well thats all now bye
First Name.. :   Cecil and Terry MacDougall
Where From.. :   Cedar Shake Studio, Halifax
Comment.. :   Keep The Faith Pam!! Best of Luck :)
First Name.. :   Debbie Michelin
Where From.. :   Ottawa
Comment.. :   Way to go Pammy you finally did it ! best of luck ! Debbie M
First Name.. :   Taylor
Where From.. :   Little Rock, Arkansas - USA
Comment.. :   Dear Pam: Greetings from your cousin in Arkansas. Great website! We're all so proud of you. My e-mail is Hope to hear from you soon. Tee
First Name.. :   Aunt Dorie & Taylor
Where From.. :   Southern Pines, NC USA
Comment.. :   Terrific Bio!
First Name.. :   Marla Macmichael
Where From.. :   Halifax
Comment.. :   Hi Pam! I enjoy listening to your music! Congratulations on your success!
First Name.. :   kaye
Where From.. :   Cape Breton, God's Country!!!!
Comment.. :   Keep up the Great Work Pamela, Hugs and Stuff
First Name.. :   Flea and Ken
Where From.. :   Near North
Comment.. :   Haven't checked the site yet miss ya. Hope to see you in person soon
First Name.. :   Kenne Umphrey
Where From.. :   Back From the Dead
Comment.. :   Dear Pam; Keep kickin' girl; you still and always will smoke!
First Name.. :   Danny Sutherland
Where From.. :   Halifax
Comment.. :   Hi Pam! Congratulations on this great new album.
First Name.. :   DA Hawk
Where From.. :   Hawks Haven
Comment.. :   Woo whooooooo !!
First Name.. :   joan kirby
Where From.. :   Ontario
Comment.. :   Pam...your old friend, Joan Kirby.. I'm coming to Halifax in Aug\02....are you around..talked to Allard a few weeks...want to see everyone e-mail if you get this
First Name.. :   Dwight
Where From.. :   Canada
Comment.. :   Excellent talent - a fine CD - and she's WONDERFUL live too. GREAT web design, ron!
First Name.. :   Gloria
Where From.. :   Dartmouth/Edmonton
Comment.. :   Love your music. I wish you great success.
First Name.. :   Allard
Where From.. :   Bass River
Comment.. :   Hi Tweetie Keep spreadin the word!!!
First Name.. :   MargrockMoore
Where From.. :   Orion Star Sysytem
Comment.. :   Love this woman'smusic so much....Mellow Blue is definitely my favourite track....genious
First Name.. :   winnie
Where From.. :   dartmouth
Comment.. :   hey pam...thanks for being such a great neighbour...wishing u all the best...
First Name.. :   Sharon
Where From.. :   Halifax
Comment.. :   Hi Pam, Nice site. I am amazed at your background and cool people you have played with. I am a big fan of Myles Goodwyn. Take care!
First Name.. :   Jack
Where From.. :   Mars
Comment.. :   Just checkin out earth. Buy that CD!!
First Name.. :   Tammy
Where From.. :   Dartmouth
Comment.. :   I love Pam's music - buy her CD!!
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