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Graduation Prom QEHigh with Rick Grant (ATV News) 1967
Everyday People - Toronto 1970
Everyday People Poster Pic 1971
Everyday People - Toronto 1971
Everyday People - Toronto 1972
The Victory Theatre - Toronto 1972
Wayne Boismere-Al Nichols-Pam-Bruce Wheaton-Carson Richards 1973
Jack Harris 1974
Everyday People (Carson Richards on bass) Hull 1975
With Brian MacLeod and "Surrender" Toronto 1976
Candid Shot - Misty Moon 1987
With John Lee and Matt Minglewood - Misty Moon 1989
Piano Bar at the Cayside Lounge - Halifax Waterfront 1989
Le Bistro - Halifax 1997
Le Bistro - Halifax 1997
With Frank MacKay and The Lincolns - New Years Eve 2002
Everyday People - Rock Revival 2003
Everyday People - Rock Revival 2003
Everyday People - Rock Revival 2003
Jack Harris 2003
With Soma1 - "Scrapper" Benefit (Oct/04)
With Soma2 - "Scrapper" Benefit (Oct/04)
With Soma3 - "Scrapper" Benefit (Oct/04)
With Soma4 - "Scrapper" Benefit (Oct/04)
With Soma5 - "Scrapper" Benefit (Oct/04)

The Lost Children
Brian "Too Loud" McLeod
Brian "Too Loud" McLeod2
(Early) Oakley Band
(Early) Oakley Band2
Sam Moon and Ritchie Oakley
Dutchie Mason and the Boys
Dutchie Mason and the Boys2
Donnie Muir and Jon Lee
Dutchie and son Garrett
Dutchie and his band - "Scrapper" Benefit (Oct/04)
Dutchie's band with son Garrett - "Scrapper" Benefit (Oct/04)

Ladies In Blue Concert 2005
Enjoying Delbert McClinton (Aug/05)
Performing at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival (Aug/08)
With Doris Mason and Theresa Malenfant at DMBF (Aug/08)

30yr in 18sec
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